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for connoisseurs and aesthetes

Fine jewellery work in collaboration
with glassmakers, jewellers, mosaicists.
VLASTA - is the most attentive brand of bespoke brass handles
We help to create stunning interiors, thought out in the smallest details.

Each handle is a celebration of craftsmanship, uniqueness of material, artisanal techniques and immense love for what we do.

We follow our own understanding of modern luxury, which lies in the attention to detail, tactile sensation, material handling and functionality.

Every day we help designers in crafting thoughtfully detailed interiors, ensuring the timely, high-quality, and beautiful realization of their clients' perfect interior.​
VLASTA is the most attentive brand of furniture handles: rare materials, the latest technology and stunning design.

Our team brings together experts, who will be able to explain which method of brass processing is optimal, calculate the right thickness of stone for safe use of hardware, guide you through the nuances of applying protective lacquer and help you make the right choice based on your objectives.

Since 2016, we have been creating exclusive products to help designers, architects, hoteliers and retailers realize incredible interior ideas.

Vlasta Koroleva, founder

Why do the world's top designers choose us?
5 945 handles
So many VLASTA furniture handles have already found their home.

This means that we know all the pitfalls and nuances to make them not only beautiful, but also ergonomic, high-quality and durable.
2 315 days
We have been working and improving since 2016.

During this time, we have managed to gather great expertise, build business processes, work out mistakes and form a circle of brand friends - the best designers in Russia, with whom we are happy to collaborate on a daily basis.
11 stages
At each stage of production, the product undergoes quality control.

And at the very last one, we add magic - we wrap our handles like jewels: in snow-white crisp paper, natural linen bag, rough box with golden embossing.

And as a special ritual of love - we add the fragrance of tonka bean, honey and wood.

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